27)Republic Day 2018: Why Economy is shown 26 Is Celebrated Seeing that Republic Day

India Republic Day -- The Ingredient Assembly adopted the Metabolism of India on The fall of 26 1949 but introduced it into effect on January 26 1950. New Delhi: Republic Day celebrated with grandeur every year with ceremonious parades at Rajpath with New Delhi as well as parties across the country marks the day if the Constitution of India arrived to effect. After gaining liberty from the British on September 15 1947 India ended up being an independent dominion in the English Commonwealth of Nations. The English monarch King George VI was still officially India's head of state even though it was a fully independent sovereign condition. It was after the constitution of India came into effect on January 26 1950 that The indian subcontinent became a federal democratic republic within the commonwealth abolishing the monarchy. After independence the Constituent Assembly appointed the drafting committee with Medical professional BR Ambedkar as its chair person to draft the metabolis